1. How many photos will I get? The numbers of photos given depends on the number of hours. You will get about 50 photos an hour so an 8 hour wedding would include a gallery of about 400 photos plus a great variety of black and whites on top of the 400!
  2. Do all of you packages include an engagement session?  All of my packages include an engagement session. I have it included in my packages as I think it's really nice opportunity to get to know each other prior to the wedding and the beautiful photos from your engagement session can be used for the guest signing album. We also get to work together prior to the wedding day and it makes the wedding day photo session a little more relaxed as we already know each other by then! With the engagement session, it's easy to have a little fun or even get a little more adventurous and go to a stunning location! And since you are not wearing a huge gorgeous wedding gown, we have the flexibility to move around, get your feet wet and sandy or hike up to a spectacular view summit! If you don't do any of those things it's fine too and we can keep it as simple as you wish.
  3. Do you work with a second photographer? Yes I doIt is really nice to have an additional photographer around to capture different angles and have extra coverage for all the really special moments. We work side by side all day to make sure we don't miss a great shot! 
  4. How do you deliver the photos?  All the photos from your wedding and engagement session (high-res and low-res that you can download and print yourself) are delivered on an online gallery that you can share with friends and family. The gallery comes with an online store where you can easily order prints and where you can redeem your print credit. Your wedding photos will all be organized by sub-folder: portraits, ceremony, wedding party, reception...for easier viewing. The gallery makes it so easy to share photos with anyone you would like as well as your guest. You can simply make one or as many favourite lists as you want and share them with as many people as you wish without having to spend hours downloading photos. You will love it!
  5. After the booking will you keep communicating with us and help us with the photography timeline? Absolutely! I work with my brides and grooms closely to make sure that I capture every special moments important to them and to make sure that everything run smoothly during the wedding. Of course this needs a little planning and communication to make sure that I know every single little detail. Together we create a photography timeline that will ensure that enough time is allowed to create amazing wedding photos and to make sure that we have time to photograph what is important to you. I will also send you some tips and important things to know as well in the form of a questionnaire closer to your wedding dates so you can share important details with me. 
  6. I am really shy in front of the camera and I never know how to pose, will you help us?  I enjoy making people get comfortable in front of the camera and will work with you to make you look your best. Most people are not very comfortable in front of a camera but don't worry as this is what you are hiring me for. The engagement session included in my packages will already help you feel more comfortable for your big day and give you some ideas on how to pose. We also will not pose the whole time as I like to get more natural candid photos, so I will also direct you to do things like walking, dancing and feeling comfortable in each other's arms. This, mixed with some more directed posing, will get you a variety of amazing portaits ranging from fine art beautiful imagery to feel good candid memories.
  7. Do you require a deposit? I require a 50% deposit to secure the day. This will ensure that I do not book any other wedding on that day. Usually, until the deposit is received I still take other inquiries and can still book a wedding for that day. I can get a lot of requests at the same time for one particular date and unfortunately have to give the priority to whoever is ready to book me. 
  8. When can we expect our photos after the wedding? Immediately after the wedding or within a week I will send you some photo teasers as I just know that you just can't wait to see some of photos! The rest of the photos will be delivered within 8-10 weeks depending on the season. It might seem like a long time but each photo is edited one at the time by me and I alway go over all the photos at least 2 or 3 times to make sure that they are all up to my standards and all look amazing. I also edit out blemished on the portraits or photos that could end up in an album. Editing is a very important and meticulous part and the last thing I want to do is rush it. It takes time to perfect beautiful imagery!
  9.  What makes you unique and what is your approach on wedding day?  I would definitely say that my accent is one of the thing that make me unique. My background is French-Canadian but because I have been living here on the Island for so many years, and my numerous travels and different ethnicity  friends, my accent get mistaken for European or even Russian at times! :) I am a sweet, smiley and social girl who gets along with just about anyone. I am easy going and very accommodating. I am also a more reserved person who likes to work behind the scenes. I am a bit like a chameleon I guess! I like to have a professional but friendly approach at the same time. I have been described as a fine, elegant french lady by some guests but don't worry, I am nowhere near a snob! :) I am extremely reliable so you will never have to worry about me not showing up for your wedding. I am also a perfectionist that will go over and above to make sure that I only deliver a final product that I am happy with. I imagine this is part of why my clients are always 100% satisfed with their photos and just love them!
  10. Do you do destination weddings? Absolutely! I love to travel and can do destination weddings just about anywhere weather it's in an other province or country. I am currently starting to offer wedding photography during off wedding season in Costa Rica where I will be spending a few months every winter. If you are getting married in a place that I always wanted to visit or photograph a wedding, I can offer you a discount. Some of those places are: Banff/Lake Louise/Moraine Lake weddings. And international weddings: Italy, Greece, Portugal, Iceland. And I am sure that I am forgetting places I would love to travel to. 
  11. Where can I see your wedding packages and book you? Just go to the contact page and fill up the form. I will get back to you very soon and send you my packages and pricing. After you decide on a package that fits your needs, I will send you the wedding agreement with all the important information you need to know and then the deposit request. When the deposit is paid, you are all booked and get to have amazing engagement and wedding photos as well as a sweet and accommodating wedding photographer!