Genevieve + Graham (

Inn at Laurel Point)


Victoria, BC

Graham + Geneviève's Wedding

Not too long ago, I had the chance to photograph the wedding of one of the sweetest couple, Graham and Geneviève. Their wedding was filled with charm.  It was small and casual but had so much style to it. It took place at the

Laurel Point inn

, in Victoria. There they had an incredible Japanese garden and as an early spring wedding, all the flowers and cherry blossoms were coming out of every tree adding to the already stunning scenery.

 Geneviève had her makeup done for that special day by a fantastic local makeup artist: Melanie Baird

. She did a soft look on her to compliment her beautiful fair skin and long lashes.

 When I sat down with Geneviève and Graham prior to the wedding to talk about the details, I had asked her what are the most important moments that she would like to see in her photos and one of them was the "getting ready part". I was really happy that she mentioned that as I love to capture the brides and grooms to be, getting ready. I find there is something magical about it. It's almost like when you go on holidays, that moment where you are finishing to pack your luggage and you know that you are just about to leave for your trip. That excitement and joy that quietly runs all the way through you.

I love the uniqueness of the accessories that the bride had picked up. Her blue lace up shoes were so adorable and suits her lovely style so well.

Geneviève's beautiful engagement ring.

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 This photo of Graham on the left side is one of my favourite. He was trying to do is bowtie up but had a little difficulty. No need to say that he needed a little help for that one!

Inn at Laurel Point


Before the ceremony

, I took Geneviève and Graham in the Japanese garden at the  back of the hotel for a small photo session. I wasn't the nicest day out but this grey overcast day and the Japanese garden were in a way kind of made for each other. Fortunately, there was a lot of covered area surrounding the gardens and the little drizzling of fresh spring rain made us have fun with the ombrellas!

Inn at Laurel Point Wedding

The ceremony

took place in the hotel gazebo by the water. Perfect for this little intimate wedding.

The  bands.

            On their way to their gathering...

At Last

, the newly weds got to enjoy some time with their close family and friends in their luxurious suite. Some crystal flutes and organic Cipes Rose Sparkling for a joyful gathering before dinner.

Inn at Laurel Point


Silk Road Tea

 Wedding Gifts

The End...